Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement unless specified. Synopsis : Adaptation du célèbre jeu vidéo, qui met en scène l'histoire de Kratos, général spartiate. Release dates for preorders are subject to change. A Spring 2021 release window was given then with more details said to be shared later as we approached that timeframe. REVIEW: First Graders provide the cure of laughter in BAT-CHEF & R.P. God of War: Fallen God, the new comic series announced months ago by Dark Horse Comics, appears now to have a new release date that narrows down its early 2021 release window.According to Dark Horse’s listing for the new comic on the publisher’s site, the first issue of God of War: Fallen God will be out on March 10, 2021. While Dark Horse does not appear to have made any public announcement about the new date for the comic at this time, the publisher’s page does indeed give the first issue a March 10th release date. There is also one piece of information suggesting a God of War Ragnarok delay may have already happened, or at the very least, is on the table. However, as mentioned above, the creators have already started working on the new season. The new date doesn’t appear to be a placeholder and lines up with when people would normally expect new comics to be released during the week. Getting down in the nitty gritty brings up a lot of the questions posed here, though. GoW in Chronological Order C'est en 2021 que la suite des aventures de Kratos sera dévoilée sur PS5. Perhaps God of War does a quick marketing campaign (not that a lot is needed to sell the game, after all) that sees the game release at the end of next year, but at the same time, perhaps the sequel needs a little more time in the oven. God of War 3 PS3 UK / Continental Europe 19 Mar 2010 United States 16 Mar 2010 Australia T.B.C. God Of War est un jeu d'action développé par Sony Santa Monica et édité par Sony en exclusivité sur PS4. The God of War sequel is in development with a release date slated for 2021. He wrote "God of War (2017)" as part of his credits, leading many to believe that the game will come out this year. While I am shocked that God of War 5 Ragnarök has a 2021 release date, I’m not shocked that we haven’t seen any gameplay. The very confirmation that the God of War Ragnarok sequel does exist is enough for now, and its next outing will help determine what is or isn't truly promised. God of War 5: Ragnarok. Since then, he's been involved with every step of the gaming industries' growth from the golden PS1 era and the dying days of the arcade to any current gaming trend. First, it's worth looking at the development of the original PS4 game. First released for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console on March 16, 2010, the game is the fifth installment in the God of War series, the seventh chronologically and last in the Greek era of the franchise, and the sequel to 2007's God of War II. First, it's worth looking at the development of the original PS4 game. Again, a proper title and name hasn't even been revealed, there's only been the tease of a story, and gameplay is zilch. Fans have to understand that the production of the game can take years to complete. Directed by Cory Barlog. It pretty much looks like Sony is going to release two of the biggest games of 2010 on the same day. Users on Reddit (via Exputer) took note of the release date for the comic that’s now listed on the Dark Horse site. Some games go from a reveal to a release in 6 months, that could be the case here, but when considering all the factors, it just doesn't seem that enough of God of War Ragnarok has been shown to bet on a 2021 release date. The 2018 fourth part of the video game took five years to hit PS4. God of War 5 Ragnarök gameplay. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. God of War takes everything good about the franchise and elevates it. RELATED: Uncharted and God of War Remakes Were in Consideration by Sony. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Hence, even if Santa Monica renews the … Dark Horse’s new God of War comic was supposed to be released in June 2020 but was “delayed due to COVID-19 closures,” according to Dark Horse’s response to a Twitter user from July. Latest Videos Articles Gameplay Trailers Reviews Images GameHelp. Sony has announced that God of War will be released for PS4 on April 20, 2018.. Dec 4, 2020-344. Découvrez toutes les informations sur le film God of War. God of War was revealed at E3 2016 and released in April 2018, creating a span of about 22 months from reveal to release. Ltd. All rights reserved. Expectation and anticipation for the game is high, but it's important that everyone invested in the game keeps their expectations in check. There's a lot stacked against it, though. God of War sur PlayStation 4 : retrouvez toutes les informations, les tests, les vidéos et actualités du jeu sur tous ses supports. The game is eyeing a release in 2021, although it is early days so this could change. From the teaser, there's little more than the logo, a release date of 2021 given, and the statement that "Ragnarok is coming." God of War 3 Ultimate Collector’s Edition . God of War: Fallen God #1 is set to release on March 10, 2021, according to Dark Horse’s site. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Naturally, the teaser only confirmed this and little more, but that in and of itself seems to be a big promise. With that being where fans are gleaming the subtitle from (as well as the runes on the logo), it's not a lot to go on, not for a game releasing next year. 13d-197. For God of War to land in 2021, it would have likely been a lot further along than many expect. Although very little is known about the upcoming God of War sequel, the brief teaser does make a promise that is, perhaps, too big for its britches. Latest News . 8d-2319. Worldwide God of War 3 release date for all editions of this game. God of War: Ragnarök release date to be in 2021 It’s a sequel to 2018’s God to War, exclusive to PS4 Award-winning God of War sold over 12 million copies God Of War 5: Release Date. For now, fans can only wait for the next update from Sony and Santa Monica, which at the very least should come in 2021. Previously, there was a lot of confusion about whether this comic will be released or not after a Journalist marked it a canceled. 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